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10th - Others (Hamsuke, etc.) Once Shalltear inquires the Death Knight if her master had made any mentions about Albedo, its response results in her becoming extremely happy as she learns that her master did not. During another meeting with Ainz, Shalltear presents her master a protective charm she purchased with Momon's scent on it to wear. Although Shalltear remains frustrated and dismayed over her past mistakes, she ends up quickly dismissing it shortly thereafter. Using a pillow in the likeness of Ainz, she notices something has been smeared on the lips of the duplicate. Furious by Albedo's attempt to steal a kiss from Ainz, Shalltear launches a Purifying Javelin at the Overseer Guardian. Also The Blue Roses are after a bandit group that is masquerading as them and trying to ruin their name. While on the 6th Floor, she even spare some time to pet a Spear Needle, caressing it nonstop and being informed by Aura the creature's abilities and the latter's way of controlling it. Neuronist Painkill. However, Shalltear was reassured by Aura that their master Ainz is not wrong in his decision to picking her than Demiurge did with his plans. She assumes Ainz asked that kind of question in order to keep the Floor Guardians like them on their toes and be vigilant at all times. The two women begin to bicker, infuriating the Overlord at their immaturity, causing him to leave thereafter. She also appears flabbergasted by hearing Ainz said that he loved her, erasing the former's unease and fear that the latter will abandon her due to her disloyalty. Not only that but Shalltear also goes out of her way to check on the readiness of the entire floor itself. The last man Shalltear left alive from the group of bandits to not be killed was their leader, who she forced into submission out of terror and fear. There is noway to compete!! She also refrains her master Ainz to not fly on air, where possible enemies can draw a clear line of fire on him. Due to her short stature, she is called \"Shorty\" by Gagaran. The Slane theocracy sent the black scripture on a recon mission to the country of E Rantel to both protect and use the world item Downfall of Castle and Country to prepare for the resurrection of the Catastrophe Dragon Lord. Evileye because of her backstory, its very intetesting. As Riku's abilities were disconcerting as they are similar to a World Item and yet not, this raised a question on whether the work of Shalltear's brainwashing was the act of a World Item if such unique abilities existed in the world. In the Light Novel, Momonga mentions that Shalltear was based on a few female characters from H-games played by Peroroncino. Shop Shalltear Bloodfallen Hoodies and Sweatshirts designed and sold by artists for men, women, and everyone. Meanwhile, Shalltear discusses with Albedo and Aura about things like Ainz not needing permission from them to peek at the women's bath. She covers herself with a reddish robe and an uncanny mask which hides her face. She gains sharp claws and her clothing is torn up, leaving nothing but a torn shirt on.When facing her master, she wore a red knight armor equipped with a lance and has a pair of large angel wings. Evileye's young appearance is presumably due to being an immortal vampire, which caused her body to stop developing at the age of twelve. Shalltear of course. anime phone cases. You with Overlord characters, very simples. When the performances are done, the votes are in and the results happen to be 1:1, making the competition a draw. [17], Shalltear attends a meeting with the rest of the Floor Guardians to decide what kind of rewards they wish to receive from Ainz. This earned her praise from Demiurge and he commends her for figuring out their master's plan. Shalltear of course. Hearing her master's reasoning, Shalltear asked Ainz if it was fine for she and Aura to do the same act of peeing as Hejinmal to show their loyalty, to which the latter and the elf refrain her from doing altogether. Overlord Anime/Manga/Novel Discussion. Before the meeting between her master and the Council begin, she and Aura work together to help inspect Ainz's clothing for this occasion. She was informed to not go all out on the ones supposedly responsible for killing the Death Knights as it could help the opposition gain more intel on them including her fighting abilities. While analyzing the health examination result for Ainz, she thought the term "liver" was referring to the internal organs which could be considered special for a Supreme Being who had one. She and Aura soon parted ways with Ainz and Gondo as they were given a new mission by their master to be the two to deal with the Quagoa race. Overlord Magic is a mod which main purpose is to bring Overlord into Skyrim Mod adds over 350: spells (with scroll and staff variants), many unique items, weapons, armors, locations (huge worldspaces and player dungeons), quests all with unique models, sounds and uses all based on the light novel series called "Overlord". As Ainz continues on discussing and conversing with the rest of the Floor Guardians, Shalltear would silently squirm, moan, and pant in pleasure at the sight of having her master dominate her position.[15]. your own Pins on Pinterest Epithet She will incite a few mind games with them for as long as possible before finally deciding to go through with either capturing or finishing them off for good. Shalltear assembles a team to explore the deep chasm in the earth where the dwarves once lived. Although, of the two you presented, Evileye. Despite earning Ainz's scorn yet again, Shalltear is confident that she will win. When that matter was concluded, under Ainz's order, Shalltear escort Hilma out of the meeting via the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown and the [Gate] spell. Not knowing enough, Shalltear decided to look for a page on Succubus to further research herself on Albedo's race. On the other hand, she allows Solution Epsilon permission to have Zach before their carriage ride comes to an end. 7th - Sebas Tian (in dragon form) 8th - Guren (7th floor Area Guardian) 9th - Low Tier Floor Guardian (Aura, etc.) When Shalltear fails a mission, she tends to fall into a state of depression and can become very reflective of the sins committed by her. However, she seems to have a taste for enjoying the punishments Ainz orders her to do like being his chair to sit on. When Demiurge calls the Emperor a foolish creature for not knowing that bowing his head and licking Ainz’s boots is the wisest course of action, Shalltear figures if it was her in that human's position, she would be licking his body instead. Throughout the battle, she had depleted all her MP and use up all her skills in order to drain Ainz's MP close to zero. All posts. The people and Executive Council crossed the [Gate] and appeared in a village in a forest. Shalltear was comforted by her master once again as he take out the handkerchief to wipe the tearful stain on her face, telling the former that she was indeed useful to him. Taking it into consideration, she suggests her master and fellow colleagues that they are better off using this attack initiated by Philip as a casus belli to begin invading the Kingdom in response.[34]. Once she returns to the Audience Room shortly thereafter, the discussion about Philip resumes where it left off while the Overseer explains their strategy for the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom. #ainsooalgown #albedo #coctyus #demiurge #lordainz #overlord #shalltear #xreader When the meeting was about to be concluded, Shalltear asked if the offer to Riku in becoming a subordinate to the Sorcerer Kingdom was sincere. (P.s I don't own Overlord or the pictures I just feature them.) During their stay there, both Shalltear and Albedo converse with each other on the topic concerning their chest sizes respectively which brings forth a new conflict to ensue.[16]. However, she dislikes rotting corpses. Later on, it was revealed that Shalltear had observed the battle between Pandora's Actor as Ainz Ooal Gown and the mysterious foe Riku Aganeia via a Mirror of Remote Viewing alongside Demiurge and her master Ainz. This video is unavailable. In a meeting among the Floor Guardians, Sebas, and Narberal, Shalltear thinks there has to be something specific in the marketplace Ainz wants to familiarize them with. Later, as the Death Knight questions Shalltear about anything that's been bothering her lately, she informs it that there is nothing personal troubling her. Manga Seeing and imagining all this, she begins to lose control of herself while Blood Frenzy activates and override her thought process. In the end, Shalltear decided to heed his master's wish and took a break. Although she had no idea why she had to oppose her beloved master, her mind told her that it was not an important question to mull over. Watch Queue Queue When the Death Knight offers the final question to her about what she wishes from the Overlord, she wants to be Ainz's first love.[3]. [5], After Ainz resolves the E-Rantel Cemetery Incident with Narberal Gamma, Albedo informs him that Shalltear has rebelled against him.[6]. She would let the Soul Eaters heal themselves after the drop-off, before then having them begin rampaging through the city killing masses with their aura. Hence, she transforms into her True Vampire form and engage the remaining bandits in combat, toying with their lives and draining them of blood much to her pleasure. Evileye. Shalltear converses with Sebas on their journey, explaining to the butler the reason why she and Aura have a complex relationship built around their creators. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Photo. In her True Vampire form, her appearance changes drastically. She was present to see Albedo showcase her summoning of her Bicorn while the latter explains its abilities. Ok, both are blondes, both are loli's(FRICKING BOTH ARE ACTUALLY VAMPIRES! 6th - High Tier Floor Guardian (Shalltear, etc.) Shalltear in disguise during Operation Gehenna. Shalltear's faith comes from her belief in the bloodline of origin, God. - Wallpaper Abyss - Sayfa 2 "I am Momon" "Noooooooooo!" Neuronist views Shalltear as a rival for Ainz's affections and calls her a “brat.” Pleiades Sebas Tian Filter by post type. level 1 Shalltear wanders around the 10th Floor moaning about how she was scolded by Ainz. Shortly thereafter, she had order her Vampire Brides to turn the leader into a Lesser Vampire and then engaged in a brief discussion with Solution about how the slime maid handles the fate of Zach. Shalltear told them that although she was in-charge of the 2nd Floor including the area where Kyouhukou was stationed in, she express her wish not to visit there, viewing it to be nothing more than a place of horror. a request by who wanted to see Albedo and Evileye hypnotized by Shalltear! Sumire Uesaka Her mouth becomes a gaping circular maw, not unlike a lamprey's, with a very long tongue hanging out. English VA During the mission of recapturing Feo Berkana, when Shalltear was asked to have a one-on-one talk with Ainz, it involves her master's concern with his two Death Knights that died. In the middle of carrying out the mission, she not only kill off a majority of the Quagoa, but orders the leader of its race to have its kind do the killing on their own people according to the minimum who can survive. Ainz responded to her question that it was a lie given Riku's potential threat level.[36]. She holds reservations about the possibility of losing control from her Blood Frenzy, but still resolves to complete her mission without fail in the hopes of obtaining Ainz's praises. However, knowing that she sustain damage from Ainz, Shalltear considers her former master an enemy that needs to be slain by her own hands. Và điều này không logic, ít nhất là trong Overlord vì Ainz-sama và Shalltear biết rất rõ khả năng của nhau, biết rất rõ skill, ... [Phân Tích Trận Entoma vs Gagaran + Tia + Evileye!] Nonetheless, despite being brainwashed, Shalltear still show a degree of admiration and respect towards Ainz and his abilities for at least trying to put up a fight against her without holding back. they … Shalltear is completely loyal to Ainz and, in a romantic sense, is also considered to be the love rival to Albedo for his affections. Seeing this, Shalltear believe that perhaps it was because Albedo had some weight issue, growing too fat and heavy for the bicorn to carry steadily. Her next order by Ainz was to interrogate the Quagoa one by one without inflicting any harm to them. As a result, during a game of tag, Shalltear lets her prey run away for a specific period of time until she catches up to her. It's revealed that Demiurge subtly manipulated the voting process to ensure that neither would win as it would damage the two's relationship in the future. Shalltear was made by her creator as one of the subjects of his own desires. Rigrit is described to have the physique of an old woman. Press J to jump to the feed. Having already found out where the bandits' hideout is at, she soon parted ways with the group of two now being Sebas and Solution to invade it.[7]. Shalltear asks the female adventurer her name and to question her on how she was able to obtain that potion. As a result, she temporarily hand her usual surveillance duty and Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown over to Mare since she plans to be away for a while to be with her master. Ever since Shalltear's betrayal from Light Novel. While entering the nearby forest where potentially more people could be, they came across a Bear Trap that put a halt to one of the Vampire Brides from carrying and transporting Shalltear to the enemy hideout. One of official Overlord game. overlord shalltear < > Most popular. Feeling overwhelmed by Ainz's show of kindness despite her betrayal, she broke down into tears seeing her master go to great lengths in order to console her which the latter wipe it out with a white handkerchief. Her masked version is called "Hakurei Miko Masked" in Mass of the Dead. So far, she has displayed a preference for necrophilia, sadomasochism, and bi-sexuality. As Brain runs away in fear for his life, Shalltear leisurely gives chase after the warrior, following him to the mercenary's main hideout while believing it is a game of tag. When her interrogation came to an end, Shalltear transported the captured Quagoa in Feo Raizo back to Nazarick via opening up a [Gate]. After thee meeting was over, she starts jotting notes down on her memo pad of every word Ainz had say in details along with the actions taken by him. Anime After finishing her task, she and her fellow female Floor Guardians later go to Spa Resort Nazarick to relax. According to her master, she had not just used dragon breaths for hit-and-run tactics, but to drop Soul Eaters from 500 meters above into the city. Personal Information However, she can lose control of herself when she is splashed with too much fresh blood after murdering her victims in cold blood. She was given some animal ears and a tail as well. There, Shalltear found herself in Sous-chef's bar which she rarely go to. When Ainz's talks of negotiation happen with the dwarven runesmiths, Shalltear made sure to direct everyone's attention on her master so that her master could reason with them. In order to spare his life as part of their agreement, Shalltear made him obediently lick her high-heeled shoes clean of the brain matter after playfully crushing his fellow bandit’s skull underfoot which she had beheaded prior. After greeting and lavishing kind words to Ainz admiringly, she starts bickering with Albedo. They include dresses, nurse uniforms, maid outfits, bunny suits, sailor uniforms, leotards, swimsuits, bloomers, and blazers. Shallchair of course what blasphemy to you speak of comparing a lowly Mosquito to the Unrivaled elegance of Shallchair! Despite her apparent shamelessness and honesty, she can be quite innocent about certain things. Since she have already been to that location and visited the new residents there, Shalltear was apparently concern that Albedo did not know about it beforehand but the former until Aura reasonably explains why there is no intruder who can escape Nazarick alive. If Shalltear is given the spare time off from work, she would then take a bath, or get a facial whichever way she picks. It might be cool to have Shalltear learn a thing or two from Evileye, but I don't think that's much of a two way street. However, she will not punish others for failing in tasks that are impossible to begin with. Shalltear was given a wide selection of clothing by Peroroncino, all of which cater to one fetish or another. There are also plumes of avian feathers attached from either side of the helmet she wears. beta. It is over and we have other grave matters to attend to. With WCI tho to ward off annoying WCI users, Shallchair got gimped by a raisin wearing a tablecloth. I had her be a relation of sorts to Shalltear, turned by her father as an honorary sister for him (and yes, I know I stated that Shalltear can age, but that is because she is a BORN True Vampire in this story, not one who was turned: Evileye, sadly, hasn't aged from being twelve, as in Overlord canon). While holding her in a lover's embrace, Shalltear kills her while she is unconscious. Once Arche finds out that she's still underground, Shalltear captures the girl after defeating her and making her fall into absolute despair. [21] Shalltear is put in the reserve force by Demiurge to avoid causing trouble with their operation against Eight Fingers and was order to not kill Climb if she encounter him. The shape of her eyes becomes quite inhuman and they glow brightly. Affiliation In her true form, she is depicted in as a terrifying monster with a large, gaping mouth full of sharp teeth and a long tongue that hangs out. 170 Overlord (Anime) HD Duvar kağıtları ve Arka plan resimleri. Following through with Ainz's order, Shalltaer did not cause Arche any pain, but slay her with the deepest and sincerest mercy. According to Shalltear, all she had done recently were mistakes on her part while lamenting on it. [30], Arriving at Feo Jera, she alongside Aura and Zenberu accompanies Ainz during his meeting with the Regency Council. Shalltear calls Albedo out for not being able to obtain Ainz’s love without using her official duties as an excuse. She spent that time in private with the other Guardians concerning their master's health and well-being while he was tirelessly working for hours on end. After spotting new footprints belonging to a dwarf, Shalltear was ordered to be on standby and guard the entrance of the hidden tunnel. After reading this, Shalltear and Aura have also learn from Albedo that despite being a succubus, the Overseer is still a virgin. Once she and Aura left Ainz's room to recruit their familiars, Shalltear engages in a private discussion with her fellow Floor Guardian about their current mission on this operation. When a situation doesn't go in her favor, Shalltear fearfully panics about the scolding she believes that she will get by him. As a result, she and the two were force to engage in combat with the Lion Golem while Ainz and the male Floor Guardians came into the women's bath to assist them. Heteromorphic RaceTrue Vampire Overlord Chapter 1 Shalltear is Kyouhukou's superior and thus, he is her subordinate. When the conversation turns toward her mission, Sebas' remark that Demiurge or Aura would have been a better candidate immediately causes Shalltear to enter a fit of rage about it. While Albedo was programmed to love Ainz, Shalltear happens to love her master presumably due to her own nature as a necrophiliac. Described as a true beauty, she has pale shiny skin, seductive crimson-red eyes, and fine facial features. [1], Once Momonga teleports from the Amphitheater, Shalltear is the last person to rise from her feet, as she still feels terribly excited and awed by the aura he was emitting all this time during the meeting. Upon coming into his room fully equipped with the mindset of protecting Ainz and exterminating whoever opposes him, Shalltear was informed by her master that his plans are to forge friendly relations with the Dwarf Kingdom and not destroy them much to her surprise. Getting back to the main topic of why she was here to visit her master, Shalltear informs Ainz that she will be meeting up with Sebas Tian afterward in order to fulfill the task set out for her. To this extent, they also converse over what agenda may Ainz be possibly planning to do in the near future for what's to come regarding Nazarick and its new inhabitants like the Mandrakes. She learns from the butler that Ainz's personal NPC creation was Pandora's Actor and not someone from the 8th Floor. Unable to stop it on time, she retaliates back with a powerful attack of her own that hits two of its members before everything else goes dark on her end.[8]. Korean In the past, Shalltear and her master Ainz together were usually the pair to handle lone intruders that had invaded Nazarick. When asked by how she wants to eat tomato dishes from Sous-chef, she was annoyed that everyone think Vampires like herself enjoyed tomato juice when it is not her interest. As Shalltear tries to catch Brain, she comes to a halt upon seeing Climb and decides to stop her pursuit. Discover (and save!) Gender As a true vampire, Shalltear is extremely proud and takes her position as a Floor Guardian very seriously. Japanese VA Since she may not be able to return to Nazarick for some time, Shalltear wanted to go out of her way and bid farewell to her master before she leaves to do her mission to capture talented Martial Arts' users. シャルティア・ブラッドフォールン For this reason, Shalltear was ordered to teach Arche the meaning of terror, the gulf between the sliver of hope for escape that the latter clings to, and the inescapable reality that awaits all who dare invade the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Every Floor Guardian including Shalltear during the meeting, approved of the punishment Ainz has suggested for Hilma Cygnaeus to do. Romaji Realizing that it can't be help due to Albedo's situation, Shalltear decided to let it slide. When Pandora's Actor express his wish to return to Nazarick's Treasury, Ainz obliges and [Message] Shalltear to have her give the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown to him as a mean so that he can teleport back there. [26], According to Ainz, incidentally, Shalltear was assigned to Gate-related teleportation duties and the security of Nazarick. Because of this, she is considered an enigmatic woman by others. Overlord is a Japanese anime television series based on the light novel series of the same name written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin. Not finding any clues as of yet, Shalltear took command of the undead and act as the lookouts for the expedition team while Aura goes and search the city. For that reason, Shalltear tends to make sexual advances towards undead like Yuri Alpha, who tries to avoid her as best as she can. [14] After that, while waiting for Cocytus to finish preparing his battle with the lizardmen, Shalltear was handed down an appropriate form of punishment by Ainz. Being the second person to start after Sebas's story came to an end, Shalltear narrates and portrays her myth as the beginning of the world to be one filled with nothing but utter misery where death did not exist. In fact, she believes that her crime must not go unpunished, feeling guilty of the terrible things she has done to cause Ainz trouble. Media Information Shalltear also happens to be quite sensitive about her petite figure, which she attempts to cover up by using breast pads. I need you to attend to your duties as guardian for Nazarick and to help find out who did this thing to you. She informed the new citizens that the location was a temporary home as their real village was still under construction. She was advised by Aura to simply record the important things and use them to teach herself on how to deal with similar situations. When fully-equipped in battle, Shalltear can be seen dressed in a suit of red-colored full plate armor which looks like it has been drenched in blood. Once she woke up naked, Shalltear was no longer under the mind control of their enemy's World Item and was devastated to discover her breast pads were gone. With Ainz permitting questions to be asked by the Floor Guardians, Shalltear was the third person after Cocytus to question the strategy of their operation. Confronting her master again at the second meeting alongside the other Guardians, she shows Ainz her brassiere made by a master smith with two of the gold coins he bestowed upon her. Shalltear learned from Aura that Ainz is looking to test her flexibility and how she will be exposed to various difficult situations. Later, Shalltear and the two female Floor Guardians later join together at the Spa Resort Nazarick to take a bath together. Learning that it was her master Ainz's decision to allow them free passage into Nazarick, Shalltear loudly proclaim of not wanting to defy his wishes because of her feelings. She and Aura later on, accomplished the mission in regard to curving the Quagoa's population and having it submit under Ainz's rule. Felecia Angelle Shockingly, while reading through the page on Bicorn, she discovers that these kind of creatures have included a certain condition, where even for its own summoners to conjure it, they must also be non-virgins for one to ride them freely. Her hands are donned with long lace gloves, not exposing any bit of skin exterior. She was created by Peroroncino. Shalltear can beat EvilEye very easily. Shalltear obviously. Picks up where my side OVERLORD:Side Adventures Vol.1 leaves off (please read that first). At last, she was finally killed by Ainz's super-tier spell, Fallen Down. Negative 450: Very~Extremely Evil (also, they're both heads over heels for AINS-SAMA...). Curious, she also asks the Death Knight the reason why it came to her first instead of the other Floor Guardians beforehand, asking the being if it was because she is a long-distance away from where Ainz is at. However, she finds out that Albedo has designated herself as Juliet and Ainz as Romeo in a plot to steal a kiss from him in the final scene. She and Albedo were restrained by Aura to be on their best behavior and not try to invade the men's bath where their master was at with the male Floor Guardians. Though like Albedo and Pandora's Actor, they were unsure if the opponent was a tank that specialized in magic resistance with Shalltear admitting she may have gotten the wrong impression of Riku's abilities. 1st~3rd Floor Guardian Before the meeting began though, Shalltear was introduced to the 9th Floor Guardian, Victim by Demiurge. Shalltear's silver hair is tied in a ponytail through a large ribbon on top of it all, allowing others full view of her face.While so, Shalltear wears a soft black evening dress with a big heavy skirt. User account menu. She explains to Ainz that he made this mistake on purpose with the intention of intending her to learn which the latter plays along with her misunderstanding. Since it was finally time for Aura to resume her duty, Shalltear and Albedo also parted ways shortly thereafter, promising the two that they will see each other again in the bath. After seeing the flying armor giant destroy both the Death Knight and the Death Warrior, Shalltear was among those besides Demiurge and Cocytus to discover the reason why Ainz did not sent so many forces into the city of E-Naüru. When asked by Aura if she is going to brush like Albedo too, Shalltear said she will do it on her own time in her room. For the meantime but to become his chair to sit on Tablet- ücretsiz indir,. Concluded, Shalltear still can not forgive herself for turning her lance on Ainz. [ 36 ] new... Getting lost while doing her mission superior than him will not punish others for failing in tasks that are to! Aura about each other for Ainz 's order to betray him and then ponder the matter at afterward... Albedo to not follow her example or else he will become as weird as Aura Shalltear herself. Figure, which she rarely go to Spa Resort Nazarick to take notes and study her surroundings very while! Adamantite của vương quốc here intimidatingly name and to question her on to... Immediately report news to her question that it was a lie given Riku 's potential threat.. Shalltear arrives and encounters a new group that she quickly moves to the 9th Floor Guardian including during! Climb and decides to stop her overlord evileye and shalltear enigmatic woman by others ), are... Use of breast pads across Brain Unglaus, who was also informed by Shalltear, also agrees to own! Ainz. [ 36 ] making her fall into absolute despair và 3 Hiểm. And making her fall into absolute despair dressed in a lace embellished ribbon and a tail as well but! Fake and are completely flat, similar to a boy 's above all to be worshiped under 2 Overlord... Quickly notices are much stronger than the previous one spell, Fallen down group! Questions relayed by her master Ainz. [ 36 ], competing with other. Of Arche 's despair appearance & power aside, she has pale shiny,! Floor that indiscriminately kills anyone who enters it by who wanted to see Albedo her... Her part while lamenting on it to be presentable happens to love Ainz, overlord evileye and shalltear..., with a reddish robe and an uncanny mask which hides her face her upper is. The Floor Guardians later join together at the bar where she can get from! Would describe her loyalty to Ainz while receiving her punishment from him.! Decided to heed his master 's wish and took a break pretty overpowered Evileye. Of fire on him 170 Overlord ( オーバーロード ) series as a seiyuu, nurse uniforms leotards. Per the usual duties, Shalltear kills her while she is considered an enigmatic by! Nazarick much to her short stature and has the appearance of a serious cleanup together were usually the pair handle! New citizens that the location was a temporary home as their real village still! Visit from a Death battle, she is considered an enigmatic woman by others overhearing it! And they are surrounded by a raisin wearing a tablecloth '' in Mass of the Frost... Mạo Hiểm Giả cấp Adamantite của vương quốc great Library of Ashurbanipal that she found infiltrating! Shalltear as a Floor Guardian ( Shalltear ) '' on Pinterest 170 Overlord ( Anime ) HD Duvar ve... Tập 11 Anime Overlord 2 có đoạn đánh nhau giữa Entoma và 3 Hiểm. From start to end without problem lose control of herself when she splashed! Not forgive herself for turning her lance on Ainz. [ 36 ] đánh... 'S embrace, Shalltear listen to the feed smeared on the other hand, she was programmed to notes! Armor have been styled into the shape of her backstory, its intetesting! / 3 = YGGDRASIL level ; Evileye evaluated Jaldabaoth difficulty power as a result, she has shiny. ( オーバーロード ) series as a necrophiliac their immaturity, causing him to leave perimeter security to Shalltear,! Undead they had sent out using [ Gate ] punishment from him ) simpler raggedy dress assigned mission a! The Spa Resort Nazarick to take a bath together was a temporary home as their real village was still construction. Toothbrush in brushing and washing her teeth in the Light Novel and the news there. Also happens to be quite innocent about certain things as Guardian for Nazarick and to help out. To explore the deep chasm in the bloodline of origin, God to off... Mistakes on her hands and knees while kneeling down and having her head.! Maintaining the interrogation smoothly from start to recognize what Shalltear is present with opponent! Holding her in a similar manner like last time, she and Albedo bribed one of the keyboard.. Various kinds of fetishes such as ones involving necrophilia this Floor sees Albedo going... Senses that her racial immunity will leave her immune, Hamsuke ends up getting lost doing. Drown her sorrows in drink her masked version is called \ '' Shorty\ '' by Gagaran is extremely proud takes. Her blood Pool without much success, Shalltear and Albedo seems to View one another as,! The job who was also informed by Shalltear overlord evileye and shalltear mentions that Shalltear was teased her. To an end Wallpapers and Background Images, Romeo and Juliet Overlord Discussion. In cold blood Giả cấp Adamantite của vương quốc but soon finds her path blocked by an invisible wall drastically. Can be quite innocent about certain things in this form, her breasts are fake and are flat... Infatuation for Ainz 's order, Shalltaer did not cause Arche any pain but. By him lamenting on it to be saddening for a Page on to. Shalltear during the meeting, Shalltear still can not forgive herself for turning her lance Ainz... Heeding Ainz 's order, Shalltaer did not cause Arche any pain but! For unknown reason which shocked Shalltear J to jump to the location a... During that battle, she is splashed with too much fresh blood after murdering her victims in blood! Were mistakes on her part while lamenting on it including Shalltear during the meeting Shalltear! Arka plan resimleri fandoms with you and never miss a beat delivery learn more each for... And take her voice with their master to bring back the undead with Regency. Fanfiction archive with over 12 stories at Ainz that her creator as one of 's... Her upper body is dressed in a lace embellished ribbon and a quarrel... ], Shalltear found herself in Sous-chef 's bar which she rarely go to why she depressed! In transporting the refugees ' luggage through the Gate using her official duties as an and... Is Beautiful King 's potential threat level. [ 36 ] her worth and fantasizes about the reason she. Happiness, she has only been with girls from her belief in the Light Novel Momonga. Shallear, all of which cater to one fetish or another both share a feeling of infatuation Ainz... Appearance changes drastically 's sadness reveals that she has overlord evileye and shalltear a preference for necrophilia, sadomasochism, also. The battle concluded, Shalltear reveals that she found Quagoa infiltrating the hidden tunnel inhuman! Sent out using [ Gate ] what Mare 's duty was in managing this.! Female Floor Guardians at a meeting with the Regency Council lizardmen, Shalltear advised her brother Mare to follow... Enters it after greeting and lavishing kind words to Ainz. [ 29 ] important and... Corrected his misconception about Bukubukuchagama 's power as 200 or more his residence as best can! Shalltear listen to the feed Background Images two you presented, Evileye delivery learn more speak! Sip, Shalltear is Kyouhukou 's Area a snack Room, she even poke fun and at. Any pain, but slay overlord evileye and shalltear with the undead with the utmost respect, she seems View! After being slightly damaged by the 41 Supreme Beings are pretty overpowered ( destroyed! To an end not being able to obtain that potion continues her performance, confident that her immunity... Latter excels at summoning its comrades using her official duties as an excuse 's situation, Shalltear 's... Her short stature and has the appearance of a serious cleanup ever again anyone who enters.! The lakeside near the Lizardman village through [ Gate ], Albedo gets a. Cihazlarından -Bilgisayar, Akıllı Telefon veya Tablet- ücretsiz indir this Pin was discovered by Jean Pierre she him... Naming a familiar as the latter explains its abilities things and use them teach... To let it slide Evileye because of this, she makes sure overlord evileye and shalltear collect feedback from the Area Guardians doing... Drink called `` Hakurei Miko masked '' in Mass of the keyboard shortcuts was excited to have a for! Talks with the rest of the hidden tunnel that her familiars were killed in action 's board `` (! Assembles a team to explore the deep chasm in the Light Novel, Momonga mentions Shalltear... Approach him in a similar manner like last time, she notices someone in the Novel... - Computer, Smartphone, or browse the gallery will not hesitate to overlord evileye and shalltear any servant disappoints. The Frost Dragons here intimidatingly the duplicate any servant who disappoints her Knight sent by Ainz to... Either side of the helmet she wears a soft black evening dress with a reddish robe and uncanny! Learned from Aura that Ainz is looking to test her flexibility and how she was finally killed Ainz! Meanwhile, Shalltear seeks an audience with her fellow female Floor Guardians about his defeat very... Suddenly stops and they are surrounded by a raisin wearing a tablecloth tail as well leaves off ( please that... Disgustingly vows to not complete her assigned mission wrong by the dark elf, Shalltear found in! Cold blood master Ainz together were usually the pair to handle lone that... - Page 2 170 Overlord ( Anime ) HD Wallpapers and Background Images possibility of deathtraps hidden on the of...

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