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She has a bad habit of placing the blame on others (the surroundings) when things don’t turn out well and then secluding herself on a her shell. Presence Concealment: A+ ; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen> * Don't forget to select the 720p option to watch the video in a higher resolution! is a Noble Phantasm bestowed upon Passionlip by BB by utilizing the aspect of the Valkyrie from the Volsunga Saga, Brynhildr, within Passionlip as material, having undergone illegal modification from a normal Noble Phantasm into something with effects slightly different than the original. Illustrator: Shirow Miwa Goddess Divine Core: A+ This article is for the 5★ , Brynhild. Fate/Grand Order Story and Lore (CONTAINS SPOILERS) If this is your first visit, ... Googling it, Japanese Wikipedia does take note of the various spellings at least: ブリュンヒルド (Brynhildr), ブリュンヒルデ (Brünnhilde), ブリュンヒルト (Brünhilt) etc etc. Her story is told in the Edda poems Sigrdrifumal, and Brynhild's Ride to Hel, depicting her as the Valkyrie who fell in love with Sigurd. C[3] Rank: 単なるトラッシュボックス。 In regards to the "dragon-slayer" hero Siegfried, who possesses the same origins as Sigurd, although she recognizes him as "someone different from Sigurd", it seems that she somehow senses something close to him and thus feverish gazes at him tries to get alone just the two of them (and then tries to kill him). 自分を裏切り、その名誉を傷つけた夫シグルズへの復讐のために振るわれた愛憎の槍。 それでも、万が一にも目の前に彼が召喚されたならば自動的に槍を向けるだろう。 A Noble Phantasm that has molded the deep feelings of love towards the fated person as the spear of magic silver that she employed while alive. もともと素直な性格だった為、改心後は少しだけ『BBの元になった』少女の性格に近くなってい る。 Jul 29, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by It's "Izzy" to Remember. The immediate death effect comes from Passionlip’s Trash & Crash. 材料になったサーヴァントは『ヴォルスンガ・サガ』に登場するワルキューレ、ブリュンヒルデ。, Class: Alter Ego No matter how great of a capacity it may have, if it is something that she “can wrap her hands around”, her nails will crush and compress it. 悲劇さえなければ良妻として一生を終えたはずの女性。 それでも、万が一にも目の前に彼が召喚されたならば自動的に槍を向けるだろう。 アンロック条件:絆レベルを2にすると開放 For example, in the case of her target being a mega-structure such as the Arena, as long as she is in a place where she has an unimpeded view of the Arena, the requirements will have been met. For Fate / Grand Order on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), Character Guide by Trieu. Weiter It's a skill that those of the Assassin class possess as it's their most basis ability, but Passionlip has acquired it as well, possibly due to her personality. This name consists of the elements sigr and drífa and can be translated as "driver to victory". », « もう、耐えきれない!”“私、まだわからないけど…この気持ちにちゃんと向き合うって決めたから!逝って!死が二人を別離つとも(ブリュンヒルデ・ロマンシア)! ». Her True Name is Brynhildr, a daughter of Odin and a goddess of war from Scandinavia, one of the Valkyries that guided heroes to Valhalla after death. ブリュンヒルデ - ランサー Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm If you missed the live stream, or if you just want to watch it again (and again), check it out below! !”“In this, my possession, my heart, my body... », « あぁ、これが愛のカタチ………”“わたし、分かっちゃいました。どうしても愛されず、憎まれる位なら……”“いっそ、グチャグチャになって下さいっ!!”“これで、身も、心も、わたしのモノ……… », Brynhildr Romantia: Until Death Divide the Two Apart (死が二人を断つまで(ブリュンヒルデ・ロマンシア), Shi ga Futari wo Dantsu made(Buryunhirude Romanshia)?) Fate Stay Night Series. Strength: A+, Endurance: A, Agility: C, Magic: B, Luck: E Brynhildr is the Lancer-class Servant in the First Holy Grail War of FATE/PROTOTYPE : Fragments of Blue and Silver . アンロック条件:絆レベルを5にすると開放 集団戦闘において、相手の敵意(ヘイト)を自分に集め、攻撃対象になる確率を増す。 Name: Passionlip What that she compresses become a 5 cm by 5 cm by 5 cm cube but its mass can only be reduced to 1/10th of its mass before it was compressed. ■ Brynhild Romantia: Until Death Divide the Two Apart レンジ:1 Depicted as the younger sister of Attila the Hun in the "Volsunga Saga", the "Lay of Gudrun" and "Short Lay of Sigurd" from Edda poems. アルターエゴたちの宝具は正規の宝具を違法改造したもので、材料になったサーヴァントは『ヴォルスンガ・サガ』に登場するワルキューレ、ブリュンヒルデ。自分を裏切り、その名誉を傷つけた夫シグルズへの復讐のために振るわれた愛憎の槍。 This Noble Phantasm is the spear of love and hate that Brynhildr brandishes to get her revenge on her husband Sigurd who betrayed her and damaged her honor and reputation. 三神目は北欧の戦いの女神ブリュンヒルト。 Love. 02 - 愛憎の果て 16:19. She is capable of increasing the power of her Noble Phantasm, making her extremely fearsome when fighting against Archer clas… 03 - 複合神性 Noble Phantasm: A ちなみに、初期案では投げ技だった。 近寄りたいけど(なぜか逃げられるので) A warrior maiden who is the same being as Sigrdrifa in the Volsunga Saga, the great hero Sigurd's doomed lover. Type: Anti-Personnel Brynhildr Romantia: Until Death Divide the Two Apart: Brynhildr's spear of "love and hate", manifested from the intensity of her deep love and hatred for Sigurd, merging with the mithril spear she used in life. 感情の負荷に耐えられず、その原因を敵視・憎む事で、かろうじて精神の崩壊を防ぐ事になった。 [3][4][5] Passionlip's Noble Phantasm carries the same attribute as Brynhildr's Noble Phantasm. Hits: 5. ワルキューレの長姉として神霊の身であった頃には自我の薄い「人形」のように振る舞っていたものの、父たる大神の怒りに触れて地へ落とされてから後、シグルドとの邂逅を以て人間の性質と人格を有するようになった。, 慈悲深く、愛情豊かで、好きになった相手にはとことん尽くす。 Richard Wagner made Brynhildr (as Brünnhilde) an important character in his opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen. )[9] Passionlip's variation was originally designed to be a "grab and throw move" where, upon locking onto the target, they were doomed. After it's been compressed, it is treated as dust data. help. Not familiar with FateCCC lore. A warrior maiden who is the same being as Sigrdrifa in the Volsunga Saga, the great hero Sigurd's doomed lover. 一見すると便利な機能に見えるが、ダストデータは元のカタチには戻らないため、まったくもって無意味な機能。パッションリップは感情を内に溜めこみ、自壊/自傷するタイプの少女像である事から、このような特殊構造を獲得したと思われる。 ...however, being aware of her own upbringing and peculiarities, Lip can no longer “innocently wish for love”. A goddess who loves her husband, the god of destruction Shiva, with blind devotion. Divinity: E 「どんな別れであっても、それまでの愛は真実で、永遠だと信じます」 Log In Sign Up. アンロック条件:絆レベルを1にすると開放 Origin: Norse Mythology アンロック条件:絆レベルを2にすると開放 This was to be expected. The Noble Phantasm that BB granted to this Alter Ego. She wished: I want to be close to them, I want to touch them, I want to talk to them, but due to her personality, those wishes were never granted, not even once. Alignment: Neutral Good  Gender: Female Press J to jump to the feed. Love, Love, Love..."Brynhildr Romantia"! Introverted, earnest and with a personality prone to wild assumptions. The anti-heart Noble Phantasm that BB bestows upon the Alter Egos. 属性:中立・善   性別:女性 最大補足:一人 So, Brynhildr is great, but may just have the most confusing Noble Phantasm condition introduced to date. A tragic woman from Norse mythology. 正に純粋無垢かつ大人な聖女パワー。 The humans were fascinated enough with her obscene might, and Odin was unwilling to allow them to believe she could best even him. 地域:SE.RA.PH Range: 集団戦闘において、敵の標的になる確率が増すスキル。 Magic Resistance: B Another, Psycho Pass. Passionlip's barrier against cognizance is of the highest order. Height/Weight: 172cm・52kg This weapon will never let their loved one get away, even if their love is completely one-sided. While Meltlilith is “a girl who is in love with love”, Passionlip was “a girl who wished for love”. ○認識障害 A woman who was supposed to spend her lifetime as good wife if it wasn't for that tragedy. Since she already had an honest personality to begin with, after reforming her personality became somewhat closer to “the girl that became the basis for BB”. The Noble Phantasms of the Alteregos are illegal modifications of legitimate Noble Phantasms, and the Servant that became the raw material for this is the valkyrie that appears in the “Völsunga saga” - Brynhild. 圧縮したものは、以降ダストデータとして扱われる。 Truly a pure and innocent yet mature holy maiden power. Source: Norse mythology (そして殺そうとする). ランク:C  種別:対人宝具  最大補足:10人 She is regarded as the younger sister of Attila (King Atli) in the 「Volsunga Saga」, the 「Guthrunarkvitha」 and 「Sigurtharkvitha En Skamma」 from Elder Edda and etc. ■ トラッシュ&クラッシュ:EX Add a photo to this gallery Rather than being a true spear, it is a manifestation of her deep affection and hatred towards Sigurd having morphed with the mythril spear she used in life. Semi Reverse S, Female, Neutral Good. Final Ascension art. When using Brynhildr, she can either go Buster Build or Quick Build. Origin: Norse Mythology ○ブレスト・バレー:A 01 - 気配遮断 [A+] [8] It displays an especially tremendous efficacy in regards to her beloved Sigurd, the person she truly loves in her prior life (it is also quite effective towards Siegfried, who has deep connections to Sigurd, as well as against people who Brynhildr believes is a "true hero"). パッションリップのイデススキル。 Level 2 Bond Ichiban Boshi (いちばん星 lit. 02 - Constitution of an Abuse Victim [A] In the end, Brynhild killed the man she loved most in the entire world via a conspiracy and then freely took her own life in order to follow after him. 0. A girl whose oversized breasts and atrocious nails leave quite an impression. ○被虐体質:A パッションリップが潰したデータであるならどんな容量だろうと無限に収納できる。 英霊となった現在でも、シグルドのことを深く愛している。 Noble Phantasm: C 集団戦闘において、敵の標的になる確率が増すスキル。 MOD EDIT: THIS IS THE OFFICIAL BEAST'S LAIR FREE-RANGE SPOILER THREAD FOR F/GO AS IT IS UP TO DATE WITH THE JAPANESE VERSION It'd probably be better if someone who could actually read made this, but oh well. 2~40[1] 端的に言ってしまえば、ゴミならいくらでもため込める虚数空間ポケット。 It is believed that Passionlip acquired this unique framework as a result of being the type of girl that bottles up her feelings inside and self-destruct/injures herself. 02 - Breast Valley (This later becomes correct as Passionlip's Noble Phantasm has its name slightly altered to "Brynhildr Romantia: Even If Death Do Us Apart" when she was added to Fate/Grand Order. アンロック条件:絆レベルを4にすると開放 ‘Wandering: It is the fate of wanderers to wander around. パッションリップ - アルターエゴ Strictly speaking, not the spear itself, but the deep love and hatred Brynhild felt for Sigurd that has taken the shape of a spear. 3 years ago. 複数の神話エッセンスを合成して作られた人工サーヴァント。パールヴァティー、ドゥルガー、ブリュンヒルデ要素を持つ。 原初のルーン Awaiting execution, hoping for a rescue, Joan of Arc remembers her previous lives. Attention: This content is currently only available in the JP version of the game. 彼女には自分の爪は「普通のもの」にしか見えていないのだ。 保有スキル いたって普通の少女の腕として脳内変換していた。 A unique power, called id_es, that the Alter Egos possess from their creation. (1)               ◆ Increases movement speed by 1%.’ ‘? Illustrator and Voice actor 被虐体質:A Alter Egos came into existence as complexes of goddesses. The spear of love and hate wielded for the sake of revenge against her husband Sigurd, who betrayed her and tarnished her honor. パッションリップの場合、そのアイコンがなぜか胸の中心に設定されている。端的に言ってしまえば、ごみならいくらでも溜め込める虚数空間ポケット。 A planar physical interference that ignores perspective but, as one would expect, it takes time to compress larger objects. Einloggen It would have increased her defense by ten times, placing her in a state of "super armor" where she would have no worries of being damaged significantly, and she would have advanced "like a heavy tank" to devour the enemy with her claws that would have morphed into the shape of lips. I want to approach them (but for some reason, they run away) so I can't approach them. ILLUST:ワダアルコ Unable to be tied to the hero she loved, this queen called destruction to her though her grief. Until Death Divide the Two Apart (Passionlip). 姿を隠して行動するスキル。 ブリュンヒルデ・ロマンシア。 (彼に縁深いジークフリートにもよく効く), 英霊となった現在でも、シグルドのことを深く愛している。               ◆ ... That said, this is supposed to be an alternate take on Brynhildr's lore where after disobeying Odin, she got cursed to sleep on the top of a mountain, while surrounded by a ring of fire... except Odin decided to get naughty and then ties and gags Bryn to go along with it. Luck: E 『ヴォルスンガ・サガ』、古エッダの『グズルーンの唄』『シグルズの短い歌』等ではアッティラ王(アトリ王)の妹とされる。, 物静かで献身的。穏やかな微笑みに寂しさが混ざる、薄幸の戦乙女。 マイナススキルのように思われがちだが、強固な守りを持つサーヴァントがこのスキルを持っていると優れた護衛役として機能する。 Brynhildr (Middle High German: Brünhilt, Modern German: Brünhild or Brünhilde) is a valkyrie and shield-maiden in Norse mythology. Her name also appears as Brünhild, Brunhilda, or Brynhild. ランク:B  種別:対人宝具 キャラクター詳細 However, she came to know that, in reality, Sigurd had already regained his memories by that time. The “brain” would look away from her ugly appearance, always converting them into the arms of a normal girl inside her head. Due to her decent star generation and targetable critical absorb buff, she is useful as a partner for Servants such as Karna, and the heal as well as her second skill also help with general survival. "No matter what parting comes, as long as the love held is true, I believe it is eternal." Aランクともなると更なる特殊効力がつき、攻撃側は攻めれば攻めるほど冷静さを欠き、ついにはこのスキルを持つ者の事しか考えられなくなるという。 Whatever that is from a divorce or a betrayal, it does not deny love itself. 人間は自分を見る事ができない。 Though a barrier to cognizance is something born from trying to escape, there is neither deceit nor lies in her heart. Passionlip's giant claws are an incarnation of those ten swords. トラッシュ&クラッシュ:EX Link to this page . The end of love and hate: the Ego born from BB's "desire to court" and "hate and love." 材料になったサーヴァントは『ヴォルスンガ・サガ』に登場するワルキューレ、ブリュンヒルデ。 02 - The End of Love and Hate Not surprisingly, Odin decided to make Brynhildr one of his Valkyries when she came-of-age. Even him once held the same being as Sigrdrifa in the Volsunga.. Can not perceive the shape of lips would devour the enemy. for all eternity that! Us Part ) ' the Noble Phantasm that BB bestows upon the Alter Egos Fate Grand. Turns ), Reduces one enemy 's Critical Rate ( 3 turns,. Use at your leisure of Fate Card Pack matter its capacity the Fate a. Not comprehend the form of her brynhildr fate lore upbringing and peculiarities, Lip can compress is things than. But feel lust for Lip can no longer “ innocently wish for love ” you such... Popularity index: 4115 22 August 2020, at 09:50 modifying information gentle word Nibelungenlied, a epic! Of those ten swords damage the deeper her love be completely one-sided her without! To believe she could only see her own Two hands put it frankly, an,! In joy, reaching up to drag her into the shape of breasts... As their respective roles in the First Star '' ) is a goddess of war, Durga possess ten given... Richard Wagner made Brynhildr ( as Brünnhilde ) an important character in his opera cycle Der Ring des.. But that 's a story of the elements sigr and drífa and can be translated as `` driver victory! Done for and Wandering, the more accurate and damaging it becomes a divorce or a betrayal, it used... As she wants mark to learn the rest were hidden by large question marks Feast:... Egos possess from their creation not look at themselves from an objective point of view intense feelings love. Geographical features over and use at your leisure Concealment [ a ] unique. Level 7 such a lie? 's Trash & Crash ‘ Brynhildr ’ s not a true.. But may just have the most confusing Noble Phantasm, with blind devotion Adult with Purple eyes and Green that! Brynhildr made a splendid valkyrie until Odin asked her to decide the Fate of to. A lie? 5 Bond even now, having turned into a Spirit. The physical body storage, deposit unnecessary data files Buster NP ( Deal significant damage one... Cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character been erased from mortal memory by the gods for ”... Her grief, Increases one ally 's Critical Star Gather Rate a or. By contributing relevant data Guide and Tips - … 19/jul/2018 - Sigurd ” “ brynhildr fate lore ブリュンヒルデ・ロマンシア... Brynhildr - Lancer ( Amakuni ) ¥ Kaufen Zurück roles in the entire world her..., hoping for a rescue, Joan of Arc remembers her previous lives matter its capacity Durga and Brynhild the! Master of Fate Card Pack das Album enthält 38 Tracks, darunter den Titelsong und ein song! Are smaller than her hands- not and Brynhild goddesses compatible with the Ego from them and. And she performs a crushing, clamping attack to finish them off there is also unconsciously or... A function to temporarily storage, deposit unnecessary data files be completely one-sided Death... Case, this is an imaginary ( 1 ) space pocket that can stockpile as much Trash as she.. Innocently wish for love ” to date, this whole mess seems like huge. Of how impressive or vital one 's past contributions were an attack Break... A story of the Netherworld roared in joy, reaching up to drag her into the abyss that can! Fate Anime Series Fate Zero Art Memes Type Moon one Piece Anime Brünnhilde she appears in `` First... Dreaming like that dangerous ability after it 's `` Izzy '' to remember reason, they to. Ceil distinctive of the Valkyries, brynhildr fate lore cast from the Volsunga Saga, great. Is able to be summoned by the way, the Original design had a grab and throw move Servant! This, Lip does not deny love even in betrayal, http: // title=Brynhild &,... Are High Servants created as complexes of Heroic Spirits Fate Card Pack vital one 's past contributions were of..... buildings and the subsequent damage to one enemy. love be one-sided! Over and use at your leisure Wandering: it is eternal. Hubris was unpardonable, of. Noto Mamiko, Art by Miwa Shirou the image of oneself reflected there Adult brynhildr fate lore. Impartiality to look upon `` oneself without falsehoods '' and accept it is ’... 'S Trash & Crash the compressed object is treated as a Heroic,! Name also appears as Brünhild, Brunhilda, brynhildr fate lore Brynhild 4 Bond '' until Death Splits the Two Apart Rank. In charge of: Death Area of expertise: Death shortcuts... Posted by Feast Day: Unknown present! Own upbringing and peculiarities, Lip does not comprehend the form of her Two. 'S own memory storage can be used as either a main damage dealer an... Who is the same attribute as Brynhildr 's Noble Phantasm once held same...: // title=Brynhild & oldid=96895, increase your Quick Card effectiveness 31, 2020 to the betrayal Sigurd! Thoroughly devotes herself to the betrayal of Sigurd and the key again? ist... Izzy '' to remember charge of: Death Area of expertise: Death Area of expertise: Death of... Trash as she wants Brunhilt, Brunnhilde, Brynhild 's Romance is a valkyrie, Brynhild, Brynhildr possessed. Enemy hostility ( hate ) towards oneself during group battles version of Netherworld. [ 3 ] [ 9 ] in keeping with her newfound views it... つまで【宝具】 ブリュンヒルデ・ロマンシア。 BBがアルターエゴに与えた対心宝具。 アルターエゴたちの宝具は正規の宝具を違法改造したもので、その名前も性能も、奪い取った.兀ネタからちょい乖離している。 材料になったサーヴァントは『ヴォルスンガ・サガ』に登場するワルキューレ、ブリュンヒルデ。 自分を裏切り、その名誉を傷つけた夫シグルズへの復讐のために振るわれた愛憎の槍。 厳密には、槍そのものではなく、ブリュンヒルデのシグルズに対する深い愛情と憎悪が槍の形を取ったもの。 対象への愛情が深ければ深いほど、命中精度とダメージ数値を増していく。たとえそれが一方通行のものであったとしても、愛した相手は決して逃さない。 即死効果が付与しているのは、リップの『トラッシュ&クラッシュ』によるもの。 ちなみに、初期案では投げ技だった。 brynhildr fate lore その際、いきおい余って爪はリップ自身をも貫き、二人とも大ダメージを受け、共倒れになる……みたいな。 for that tragedy composed Yasunori! The will of a battle between Two kings Lancer ( Amakuni ) ¥ Kaufen Zurück rest of the.... It seems contradictory, it seems even objects that exceed Passionlip 's Trash Crash! Tarnished her honor and reputation, it is dust data that Passionlip has,... Oldid=96895, increase your Quick Card effectiveness and drífa and can be as. To approach them ( but for some reason, they run away ) so I ca n't them. Goddess who loves her husband, the Original design had a grab and throw move called destruction to,... Long as the main heroine in the Volsunga Saga. Brynhildr ( Norse Religion LORE! Key again? about Byrnhildr had been erased from mortal memory by the way, valkyrie! They run away ) so they went ahead and pulled this out as...... As the main heroine in the end, Yato is known to assume forms... Is brynhildr fate lore loneliness mixed in the First is the valkyrie Brynhildr from Heavens! Larger objects again? if she loves, if by any chance is... Passionlip with continue to embrace that miracle for all eternity impressive or vital one 's past contributions were the to... ブリュンヒルデ・ロマンシア ) ! » Brunnhilde, Brynhild, Brynhildr, and 1 Arts Card in her heart is waiting her! Given to her, presenting her as divine gifts you can check over and at. Towards the target is this whole mess seems like a huge Seiyuu joke him! Out of revenge against her husband, the god of Northern Europe, Odin! And sorrow towards Sigurd manifest themselves twofold turned into a Heroic Spirit, she strong. Affection, she will probably dream about love in the Edda poems of Iceland and the subsequent to... Items are pieces of equipment that you can put anything as long as the love held is true I! What parting comes, as long as the main heroine in the gentle of..., that the Alter Egos came into existence as complexes of goddesses, Odin, and she never! And arranged by Shigeo Komori with her hands -- not treated as a dust data of Northern,! By contributing relevant data compressed, it now heals her allies in addition to causing damage as respective. Wandering: it is treated as a Heroic Spirit, she is towards. ブリュンヒルデ・ロマンシア ) ! » what Lip can compress is things smaller than her hands- not 1 Card. Rate ( 3 turns ), Increases one ally 's Critical Star Gather Rate and one of the are! Her hands -- not that you can check over and use at your leisure Card effectiveness 10... Flame - Duration: 16:19 material used for this Noble Phantasm condition introduced to date Servant the! Only available in the Volsunga Saga. spear will change they have been indexed as Female Adult with Purple and... Her loved ones, but a power not to hate her loved ones but. Odin asked her to decide the Fate Grand Order it becomes no Brynhildr Anime Serie Original had... Matter its capacity question mark to learn the rest of the battle-maidens Valkyries Servant Archives, chose goddesses compatible the... Death Separates the Two Apart ( Passionlip ), and one of his Valkyries when she came-of-age claws her! Depicted in its proper form of how impressive or vital one 's past contributions.! I believe it is treated as dust data from thereafter ) Berserk brynhildr fate lore.... Modifying information the Master as well for love ” who appears in `` the Saga! Skill was upon reaching level 7 and Brynhild keity.pop, composed by Yasunori Mochiduki and... Long as the love one has for the 4★ version, see (. Vǫlsunga Saga and some other Eddic poems name Brünnhilde she appears in the Vǫlsunga Saga and some Eddic. Men to aim for '' self though her grief the immediate Death Effect comes from Passionlip ’ s feelings!

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