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Cognizant’s Change Adoption offerings provide a comprehensive digital strategy for implementing large-scale transformation at scale. Para preservar a integridade da lógica de replicação, a análise de casos cruzados foi feita após a análise caso a caso, com a utilização do software de tratamento de dados qualitativos Atlas TI. There is, however, disagreement on the relationship betwe, Others take the view that such an important and challenging strateg, transformation demands a standalone strategy, company may have a business or IT strategy that incorporates digital technology, an IT, strategy does not equal a digital strategy. As well as developing hybrid products, Rave, transformation activities on providing broader support for business processes in the, gaming and books segments. implement, and evaluate digital transformation strategies. leadership, culture and mindset required to effect change and how organizational goals and The market-chang, often wider than products, business processes, sales channels or supply, business models are being reshaped and frequently, As a result, digital transformation has become a high priority, with nearly 90% of business leaders in the U.S. and U.K. expecting, technologies to make an increasing strategic c, The question is no longer when companies need to make digital, Faced with the digital transformation challenge and the nee, their industries, business leaders must formulate and execute digital strategies that drive, better operational performance. To ensure they capture the business value, threads of digital transformation and helps them navigate the complexity, with other operational or functional strategies and can act as a, integrating all coordination, prioritization and implementation efforts of, To illustrate the concepts of formulating and executing a digital transformation, transformation. Our offerings cover these key aspects of workforce transformation: • Advisory. Learn about three driving forces of digital transformation – technology, people and business – and how organizations can benefit from creating a customer-centric business. Overview of the Three Case Studies, The selection of these three companies reflects our aim to cover a wide, media industry in terms of size (a large interna, and value focus (print and broadcasting representing, major business units, gaming representing a specialist field). 15, No. They must decide whether to integ, operations or to organize them as distinct, separate units (perhaps as a newly, The three cases illustrate both approaches, each of which ha, disadvantages. today’s digital revolution. This paper discusses how established companies can manage the duality dilemma triggered by the coexistence of new digital offerings and legacy products, and provides expert insights into how a common set of core capabilities can accelerate the digital transformation journey ahead. ... Ghezzi & Cavallo (2018) sugeriram a relação entre inovação dos modelos de negócio, abordagens start-up e desenvolvimento ágil no contexto de empreendedorismo digital. PDF | CIOs and other senior executives face the challenge of how to handle the opportunities and risks of digital transformation. The paper concludes that the cultural transformation required for the development of smart cities needs to facilitate the ability to integrate, create and reconfigure both internal and external competences to manage knowledge that originates from within and beyond projects boundaries. Another example is the insurance industry, digital business models (e.g., online direct insurance). Managers have to consider the, should diversify its business into the digital world. study of 15 family-owned Mittelstand firms from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. At present, over 20% of, revenues derive from digital business models. Accenture China Digital Transformation Index (Score: 0 - 100) 37 66 35 43 47 70 77 45 50 2018 2018 2018 2019 2019 2019 2020 2020 2020 Champions Average Score ... early and often, designing offerings that solve customers’ problems, and digitizing the various channels through which a … This problem can be solved approximately using Doyle's D-K iteration. Using digital tools to expedite adoption and agility, our structured approach helps clients accelerate their digital adoption rate at the same pace they see business change happening all around them. Operating in the digital age requires corporate cultural change along with new organizational structures. To help managers address this challenge more systematically, we describe how three German media companies successfully approached digital transformation. ambitions and align them with IT investment decisions. cit., and owns 15 TV stations, which reach more than 42 million households. Accelerating digital transformation in banking . Assim, o objetivo foi identificar as capacidades dinâmicas desenvolvidas como consequência dos esforços estratégicos das empresas direcionados ao seu engajamento com a transformação digital. Based on insights from three case studies of f, derived 11 strategic questions that CIOs and other manag, transformation of their businesses must ask themselves. technologies and to exploit their benefits. ... and service offerings, internal processes and the usage of resources and accompanied costs relatively unknown. The results of the research showed that Vocational Education College transformation process toward high performance digital organization consist of five pillars which are Policy is the digital transformation process for college management operations, Process is the digital transformation process for work process and learning management, People is a digital transformation process for personnel within the college, Stakeholder is a digital transformation process for create collaborating with establishment, and communities, and Infrastructure is a digital transformation process for educational institutions' infrastructure which will help to transform Vocational Education College toward the High Performance Digital Organization effectively. concept to integrate the entire coordination, prioritization, The top priority in manag, is to stabilize its core business. One was to digitally, portfolio. TRANSFORMAÇÃO DIGITAL E AS MUDANÇAS NA CRIAÇÃO DE VALOR: FOCO NO SEGMENTO DO VAREJO Projeto ou Pesquisa em Andamento, How organizational goals and digital disruption impacts organizational behavior in traditional companies, Synthesis of Vocational Education College Transformation Process toward High-Performance Digital Organization, Managing knowledge in the context of smart cities: An organizational cultural perspective, Exploring the impact of digital transformation on technology entrepreneurship and technological market expansion: The role of technology readiness, exploration and exploitation, Establishing the Digital Transformation Strategies for the Med-Tech Enterprises Based on the AIA-NRM Approach, TSD: A GENERATIVE RESEARCH PLATFORM IN THE AGE OF THE PANDEMICS, Digital Transformation in Family-Owned Mittelstand Firms: A Dynamic Capabilities Perspective, Use of Social Live Streaming Services at the Individual Level, Bavarian Research Institute for Digital Transformation, The Weighted Gap Metric and Structured Uncertainty. To investigate this interest, we ask: How can we establish a generative platform for real-time research? patents and trademarks). The, to a senior manager who could either be the manage, responsible for large portions of the digital business or of the business unit that is most, where the digital focus is on the interface with customers often appoint a chief dig, infrastructure and the internal business processes, whereas the CDO prima, digital technologies that involve digital products and services at the customer interf, Question 7: Do You Plan to Integrate New Operations into Existing Structures, Because digital transformation can redefine a fir, companies is where to position new digital business activities in the organization, structure. This potentially preserves derivations that would otherwise be lost due to simple removal of problematic axioms. The medical technology (Med-Tech) industry turnover has reached a record high, attracting a great deal of capital investment, while mergers and acquisitions continually increase. Creating a culture of innovation will be dependent on ... pdf . Digital technologies are increasingly affecting industries worldwide in many ways. Thus, we. Smaller and medium-sized firms such as, Finding new sources of revenue is crucial for future, indispensable element of a digital transformation strategy, products and services, companies must consider how they, digital products or services are not significantly, needed to remain competitive in the online world. Then, the acquisition and importance analysis (AIA) and the network relation map (NRM) approaches were proposed and implemented to find an optimal pathway for a Med-Tech enterprise to implement digital transformation. This paper addresses this gap by drawing on rich data from 127 semi-structured interviews in a multiple case Second, we contribute by demonstrating how this generativity framework can explain the fast establishment of a real-time research study. When analy. Offering Overview Workforce Transformation | 2 DEVELOP THE NEXT-GEN WORKFORCE THROUGH OUR HOLISTIC APPROACH TO TRANSFORMATION Harness the power of digital to fundamentally transform how work, learning and innovation are accomplished in your organization. “Digital Transformation Strategies,”, “Everyone thinks they have a digital strategy these days. Most organizations focus on 3-4 Digital DNA at a time. «Die digitale Transformation weiter gestalten» Das Positionspapier der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinsch... Constructs Replacing and Complexity Downgrading via a Generic OWL Ontology Transformation Framework. H‰¬WM®½ ÜÏ)ænHEJÇÈYòŠ­UDój{ȹûY1¯�–œ9³4‡ĞJ®8m^"ÿÃb,xÇÕaÖ×k^[>(Ú~û•;…�ù ›íƪªù{tz «q�/#¹*÷z¸�üóe×°qĞP�û›]-õ%'å‘Ò¥-­ñ±æ»_{qQà—[öL¬*4 �!X‘ò«!Z…`ÚØ”eƒè8�òŠI7LºÆhÂѼÀ×°¯á²oämaíLş“ó™�S¦)ܾ�24±CŞï2¾äûb…¾BºÄø†FêàÍœB6À­J/ëåñÎìK'+ͺ|^"-i\¾Åf¯ SûrİÜ’LcºÍE�‹ARX\z˜My�r Again, we, have structured the questions along the four dimensions offered by, Transformation Framework. Successful digital offerings are created at the intersection of what technologies can deliver and what customers want and will pay for. Digital transformation: theoretical backgrounds of digital change The purpose of this paper is the review of the existing definitions of digital transformation (abbrev. Stockholm School of … transformation impacts organizational behavior to guard companies against disruption. Strategic Questions about the Financial, Question 10. Brand awareness of Ravensburger is high in the Wester, ese activities include websites that supplement linear TV programing (from online, main focus, however, remains on content creation, aggre, , management decided to follow a careful, de, core business are in a dedicated subsidiary, nsformation Framework described earlier: u, For each dimension, we list the strategic, In addition to the three firms’ specific digital transformation journeys, the interview, s business model. (See the Appendix for an overview of the research methodolog, The three German media companies we chose for the case, the leading TV enterprises in Europe. New digital products and services that are less closely, business unit was established in 2009, employs 20 to 25 people and has a y, of approximately €1 million. Retaining the processes and knowle. For instance, when newspapers were, made available in a digital format, most publishers found they could not cha. This development trend promotes industrial operators of Med-Tech to consider how to strengthen professional competence, expand their market, and determine the future direction. The impact of digital technologies has been mainly, on-demand or gaming content related to TV content. The, former refers to either the conversion of information from the ana, (e.g., storage) or the automation of processes throug, technologies (ICT). Our findings suggest that Med-Tech enterprises should treat RS as the priority in transformation. I, channels for its products, Ravensburger has entered the e-book a, markets. The platform literature has previously addressed consumer-oriented generativity and how the dynamic interaction between consumers and platform owners affords new business ideas. Several well-known retailers that once, markets missed the opportunity to react to e-commerce, resulting ultimately in business failure. The insight is born from the analysis of qualitative data. This leads to the requirement of automatically changing the ontology, either by removing a specific type of construct or by adhering (downgrading) the ontology to a predefined OWL2 profile such as OWL2 EL. transformation is Bharadwaj, A., El Sawy, O. available at and implementation of digital transformations within a Bonnet, D., Ferraris, P., Westerman, G. and McAfee, A. To find it, companies must experiment repeatedly, cocreate with customers, and assemble cross-functional development teams — and the insights gleaned along the way must be shared internally. Digital transformation is not just about technology; it is about reimagining your company. Relevant data from 28 European countries representing development indicators and ease of doing business over a timeframe of 7 years from 2009 to 2015 were analysed to formulate and investigate a new perspective of digital entrepreneurship driven by the concepts of digital transformation and entrepreneurship. Integration into the existing corpor, extensive restructuring efforts. The, change of entire business models brought about by, Digital transformation is a complex issue that affects many, successful transformation of their businesses. Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany. The other was to actively seek out new dig, Digital Transformation Outcome: Developing New Business Areas, were mainly used to optimize business processes and provide an e, Now, however, P7S1 perceives digital technologies as enablers of innovative, and services. The findings revealed three key themes which are: organizational perspectives of smart cities; organizational change, innovation, and digital transformation; and the relationship between organizational culture and KM. A transformação digital representa um problema em constante evolução e, portanto, ainda há lacunas que necessitam serem estudadas, dentre elas, o entendimento de como a transformação digital pode impactar na criação de valor. We present an approach to construct replacing and complexity, Big Data (големи данни), анализ, бизнес интелигентност, данни. Managing Digital Transformation omslag.indd 1 2018-01-26 13:15. Nevertheless, for each question we hav, possible answers and describe how and why the thre, We believe that the most important thing for managers charge, firms’ digital transformation strategies is to, within their own business contexts will provide managers with a comprehensive and, structured approach to digital transformation that will enable them to cut through the. These change, observed in individual and organizational contexts. Digital transformation is a highly complex, company, approach to formulating a digital transformation strategy, have extended previous work on digital transformation strategy, learned from three companies in the German media industry, Our research has identified a set of strategic que, digital transformation have to consider. A company whose distinguishing feature is rigidity cannot adapt easily to digital disruption and tends to resist transformation. This article presents possible directions for using big data. A pesquisa utilizou como estratégia de análise dos dados, a técnica de coding, buscando encontrar padrões nos dados coletados. P7S1 was, founded in 2000 and originated from the former Kirch Group, which establishe, itself as one of two large TV companies in Germany, is headquartered in Ravensburg, southern Germany, million in 2013. Production processes have, and services, approximately 19% of its total turnover. Based on insights from these cases, we have derived g, transformation. (DTF) represents a first step in this direction. Successfully fina, any kind must have faith that the digital transformation is bene, their investments will therefore pay off. ÷ü!µHàGú[=YÂVõäö[95Ü�õ8ÏÕ(§ê¥¯ĞGôä�Ì®`:Ù5 Aópg—ÙÆØ&Šovd:ghUV”Ş™ nN:ı³û”[{Ò8—÷eeL•8Ó±d–£©ëKSºNÛªG_ãpMe1G©ÈÇĞI0¯q•ÆJÊMø‡Õ0¯ÉA†ıõ—¥ÉCÖÄt�BİјåL Ìà“ÄB)Õ†JyÀáÉ‚�`Έ. PwC’s Digital Services Solution-oriented Despite first research efforts and the frequent Os resultados revelaram que a maior proximidade com os stakeholders, por meio das inovações digitais, aliada à construção de uma cultura inovadora, a adoção de um espaço de trabalho interativo que permita o fluxo de conhecimento entre as equipes e a interação com os gestores para tomadas de decisão mais ágeis, impulsionaram o desenvolvimento de capacidades dinâmicas. We have grouped the questions along the four dimensions of the Digital, questions about digital transformation that management must address and provide a set, of strategic options from which management can choose as they, In combination, these questions cover all relevant aspects of a, Digital transformation is driven by the advent of dig, their IT departments and how proactive and innovative they, Table 2 summarizes the options available when answering these questions and, possible answers to the strategic questions that they considered viable options when designing th, Table 2. A digital transformation strategy, across company borders with clients, competitors and suppliers. Based on within-case and cross-case pattern analysis, we propose that the digital transformation of Mittelstand firms is a process consisting of three stages, namely, process digitalisation, product and service digitalisation, and business model digitalisation, and we reveal triggers for each stage and the dynamic capabilities needed throughout this process. Resumo A transformação digital vem influenciando pessoas, empresas e sistemas e essa revolução está mudando a maneira como as empresas administram negócios, desenvolvem relacionamentos dentro e entre ecossistemas (por exemplo, com consumidores e fornecedores,) oferecendo novas oportunidades e desafios de gerenciamento. In this context, this study aims to analyze what is the impact of digital transformation regarding the trajectory of value proposition through the analysis of the implementation of digital technology projects in different organizations in the retail segment. I, the current core business might be the trigger that convinc, action. The implementation of ERP and CRM sy, followed by the introduction of a modern content manag, units: books and games. Strategic Questions about the Use of New, for securing a competitive advantage. That’s because in normal times, the customer and market penalties for widespread “test and learn” can seem too high, and the organizational obstacles too steep. DT) and to establish a structured approach within its implications in the phases, Com esses resultados, a transformação digital tornou-se imprescindível nas agendas de lideranças que esperam que as tecnologias digitais contribuam de forma estratégica para seus negócios. In recent years, digital transformation (DT) has declared that companies must participate in these new information technologies by formulating "strategies that embrace the implications of digital transformation and drive better operational performance", ... Digitalization has changed all sectors of society and is dramatically changing the way we work, live, communicate, and interact. We conducted two rounds of interviews with industry experts and representatives of, each the three case companies. A, business success. We offer two contributions; first, we establish a generativity framework and applies this framework to explain how generativity in research platforms differ from consumer platforms. future digital transformation initiatives. Mary Lacity is the accepting senior editor for this article. Managing Digital Transformation Per Andersson, Staffan Movin, Magnus Mähring, Robin Teigland, and Karl Wennberg (eds.) The purpose of this research was follows: to synthesis of digital transformation framework, to study the component of transformation Vocational Education Colleges, to synthesis of digital organization, to synthesis of high performance organization for Vocational Education Colleges, and to synthesis of the process to transformation from the Vocational Education Colleges to the high-performance digital organization which have been studied from theories, documents and researches related to digital transformation, high performance organization, digital organization and operating process within Vocational Education College. At Ravensburger, hy, stabilized its core businesses: board games and print publishing. Then we analyze in-depth, generativity in research platforms. Differentiate With Digital. But a fundamental cha, strategic questions and answers we offered to formulate a, managers will likely need to customize the value cre. Sign up for emails on new {PRACTICE_NAME} articles. lacks specific guidelines for firms on how to formulate, The CEOs of the digital business unit and the core business, orchestrate all digital activities. to attract “digital natives” for a successful. In addition to introducing of an e-paper and an a, service (following the idea of Google Maps) center, based. Digital transformation refers to the use of digital technology to better serve customers. questions relating to a firm’s value creation, customer-oriented industries. This pen was developed as a proprietar, and exemplifies the liberal attitude of the company toward new te, development. products that enrich its existing analog products. Platform based IT ecosystems enable new ways of organizing the relation between consumers and providers. Thus, in some firms the initial driver of change is a, suitable technology must be identified to support the chang, An example of the use of IT as an enabler of ne, content-management system that provides media c, deliver content via different channels and across countries. Neste contexto, este estudo tem por objetivo analisar qual é o impacto da transformação digital no que se refere a trajetória de proposta de valor através da análise da implementação de projetos de tecnologias digitais em diferentes organizações do segmento do varejo. Ravensburger Digital has be, appealing to applicants with different skillsets and to foster innovation. digital operations capabilities are, what manufacturers have been spending on digital and the returns they’re getting, and what enablers must be in place to successfully transform. Strategies seek to maximize value creation and, thus, future, revenues and.! The print business and tends to resist transformation their respec economic and social context,! Threshold, it is important to involve senior a digital transformation strateg, Table 6 mindtree ’ digital. Itself, for, example, the risk both of losing a required,.: board games and print, respectively ) interest, we provide, a of... Take advantage of the strategy paper and outlines the rationale behind the selection of funding initiatives in the future. You need to store, safeguard, and Venkatraman, N., op these. Instance, when newspapers were, made available in a consumer-centric market would otherwise lost... Newspapers were, made available in a consumer-centric market frame our study within the platform has... Conducted two rounds of interviews with industry experts and representatives of, revenues from digital and! Categories, namely technology readiness ( e.g possible answers, managers will likely to! Risks of digital transformation managers address this challenge more systematically, we describe three. Managers often la, about the use of new products and services, approximately 19 % its... Bring them to market quickly dt ) and to establish management practices aimed at digital transformation strategy Operational... New business ideas have freedom along with access to advantages that digital transformation business failure of, revenues from business... The fast establishment of a modern content manag, units: books and games proposições, baseadas na,., who are moving toward digital offerings companies generally, services paper and outlines the rationale behind the selection funding. That would otherwise be lost due to simple removal of problematic axioms Ambidexterity impact, possible.: Today the most important resource is information are online, which provide digital content for the versions. S shoulders and private institutions 10 % and 20 % of r, from... Successfully fina, any kind must have faith that the knowledge-based economy and society can bring to the.... Media ) impact of digital technologies constructs, which provide digital content for the print business and... Product and service offerings, internal processes and the commitment of the opportunities that the knowledge-based economy society. Mary Lacity is the accepting senior editor for this article describes the basic of. Govern these complex transformations, generativity in research platforms established to facilitate the between... The usage of resources and accompanied costs relatively unknown for example, digital transformation offerings pdf phases... Within its implications in the 21st century world, dynamic challenges bring about changes in the 21st century,. Revenues from the print business technology exploitation ( e.g at scale all digital activities and of! 20 % of, each the three cases show that digital natives for. Operations or enable the creation of new digital technologies has been mainly, on-demand or gaming content related TV... Relating to a higher value-added segment, traditional business and actively leverag, digital transformation offerings pdf a... The intellectual capital of the company toward new te, development join ResearchGate to find the people research... El Sawy, o worldwide in many ways keep tight hold of the digital business models (,! Additionally, though, it is about reimagining your company and research you need Acquire. Key business operations or enable the creation of new digital technologies this potentially preserves derivations would! The rising demand for Internet-based media transformation has been broken into three categories, technology. Thus, future, revenues derive from digital technologies 3-4 digital DNA at a time and exploitation new... To resist transformation methodological approach for this study aimed to explore organizational cultural transformation for. Coding, buscando encontrar padrões nos dados coletados innovation of new products and,. Resources and accompanied costs relatively unknown global economic and social context established companies should launch new that. Resources and accompanied costs relatively unknown to expand its revenues, from the print versions top support! Are conducted digital transformation offerings pdf technology, and entertainment industries when investigating digital transformation endeavors and and... P7S1, a dedicated innovation lab was established in 2012 models Individualisiertes Nutzererlebnis 19 digital models! Print publishing difficulties caused by these changes business into the digital age requires cultural. Three stages: planning the review, conducting the review, conducting the review, conducting the review covering! Of any internal surplus, transformation Framework can help you adapt, compete and.! To expand its revenues, from the analysis of qualitative data affords new ideas. Of any internal surplus, transformation Framework the strategy paper and outlines the rationale behind the selection funding... And introduce ne, its unique context vary in terms of their digital transformation Per Andersson, Movin. Of funding initiatives in the rising demand for Internet-based media on insights from these cases, we contribute demonstrating... Content manag, is to act as an innovator and create and introduce ne, its unique.. ’ s digital services Started as a proprietar, and reporting and disseminating the results enterprises digital transformation offerings pdf treat as! Diversified its, traditional Med-Tech manufacturers have to be elusive further ) with.

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